Born: November 1981

Died: April 20, 1999 (killed by Eric Harris, shot in the head)

Eric tapped the table twice, taunting Bernall. Soon after, he said "peek-a-boo", then shot her in the head, killing her instantly. It is rumored she was asked if she believed in God, and she answered yes. She is the inspiration for the band Flyleaf's song "Cassie".

Cassie's family wasn't informed of her death until two days after the massacre.


Cassie was born to Misty and Brad Bernall on November 6, 1981. Along with her brother Chris, she was brought up in a Christian home. According to her parents, Cassie rebelled as a young teenager and began using drugs and alcohol. Her parents state that at one point Cassie became suicidal. Her mother found letters in Cassie's bedroom discussing her thoughts of killing her parents, and they decided to send her to a new school, Columbine High School, for a new start. A year and a half before her death, Cassie decided to go on a weekend church retreat and restored her faith. Cassie's father Brad said "When she came back from that retreat, she was an entirely different person. We had gotten our daughter back."

Craig Scott, a student who was also in the library during the massacre, told investigators that he had heard one of the shooters ask a victim whether or not they believed in God during the shooting, and the victim answer "Yes." Scott said that he recognized the voice as Cassie's, however he did not see the exchange happen as he was hiding under the table at the time. Investigators later took Scott back into the library and asked him to point to where he had heard the exchange come from. He did not point to where Cassie had been in the library, but rather pointed to where Valeen Schnurr, another student that had been shot in the massacre, had been hiding.