Isaiah Shoels
Gender Male
Born August 4, 1980
Status Killed by Eric Harris
Location Unknown
Hair Black
Hobby Sports


Isaiah Shoels was an American student and the seventh murder victim at the Columbine High School Massacre.

Columbine High School Massacre

Isaiah was studying in the high school's library with friends, Matthew Kechter and Craig Scott (Rachel Scott's brother) when the shooters entered the room. All three were hiding under a table, listening to the sounds of Eric and Dylan destroying the library and shooting at (and killing) some of the other library occupants. Dylan found Isaiah hiding under the table, and called Eric over. Dylan tried to drag Isaiah out from under the table, and while doing so, made a racist comment. When that failed, Eric approached the table, kneeled down and shot Isaiah in the chest, killing him. Dylan then shot and killed Matthew Kechter . Craig Scott was left uninjured when the fire alarms as well as sprinklers came on and startled the attackers who fled.


Isaiah wanted to be a comedian, and dreamed of becoming a music executive. Although he was born with a heart defect, his parents said he was a fighter who overcome his disability and went on to wrestle and play football.

He was a popular student at Columbine, principal Frank DeAngelis said his classmates would work with him on school projects.


Isaiah practicing for his football game at Lakewood High School.

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