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This is a list of the 37 victims (actually 39, Eric and Dylan died too) who were injured or died during the Columbine High School Massacre.


In order of how they were killed:

  1. Rachel Scott
  2. Daniel Rohrbough
  3. Dave Sanders*
  4. Kyle Velasquez
  5. Steven Curnow
  6. Cassie Bernall
  7. Isaiah Shoels
  8. Matthew Kechter
  9. Lauren Townsend
  10. John Tomlin
  11. Kelly Fleming
  12. Daniel Mauser
  13. Corey Depooter
  14. Eric Harris
  15. Dylan Klebold
*Note: Teacher Dave Sanders was the third victim to be shot, but the last to die.


The injured students are divided into three categories:


*Note: These three students were injured after Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold began firing at the police.



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